ABSURD SIDE PROJECT: Luxury Doctoral Regalia Illumination
Welcome to the most exclusive fashion ever. When my friend Michael and I hatched the idea to line his doctoral robe with a gloriously illuminated piece of dupioni silk, we pioneered a whole new area of academic art. Try as I might, I couldn’t find a single reference to this sort of thing anywhere on the internet, so here it is. I realize that Ph.D’s who own their own regalia and and then also desire a fancy lining, on the inside, where nobody will really see it unless the wearer shows it off while eating strawberries in the heat under a tent on the lawn following the absurdly long commencement exercises, is not a particularly enormous audience.

Nevertheless, if you are such a person, and would like your robe lined, I would gladly entertain the possibility and quote you a price.
Take a look at the portfolio below, and then send me an email.

Kristin Serafini